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With our expert advice and guidance you will be able to realise ambitions such as:

1. Being a fair employer

2. Attract and retain a talented workforce

3. Provide an accessible and solution oriented

   customer service


We offer diversity, equity & inclusion training, recruitment and cultural audits, consultancy, and thought leadership to raise awareness and skills within organisations to build diversity, equity & inclusion expertise. 


We work with a variety of organisations in the public, private and third sectors to devise and deliver effective Diversity, Equity & Inclusion strategies & training that will enhance business performance and customer service.





We are passionate, enthusiastic subject matter experts.


We will work with you to design and help deliver solutions which are based on an understanding of your organisational culture, values and goals.


We provide interactive and impactful tools and techniques in a safe and empowered environment.

Together, let us create a forward-thinking approach to our work in this crucial area championing
diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Baljit Kaur 


Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Consultant/Speaker/Coach  | DEI Roundtable Host for Women in Banking & Finance

As a DEI consultant, Baljit fosters safe spaces where open, candid, and well-informed conversations flourish, cultivating a genuine sense of belonging for individuals. She firmly believes that information and knowledge are the linchpins that drive such meaningful and lasting change.
Baljit has extensive experience in delivering diversity, equity & inclusion solutions on a multi sector basis. She helps companies design a diverse workforce and inclusive cultures achieving excellence in diverse employee attraction, engagement, and retention. Baljit is also the host of the Women in Banking & Finance national roundtables on DEI matters.
Baljit is adept at stimulating conversations that unpack complexity and challenges that the diversity and inclusion climate presents, helping people problem solve creatively and pragmatically.


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