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Our workshops are designed to be practical and employ a game-based learning approach. Scenarios and questions are crafted to stimulate discussion and provoke thoughtful engagement in a safe environment, accommodating participants with varying confidence levels. 


By combining tailored approaches, informed insights, and engaging methodologies, we strive to create a learning experience that resonates with your organisation's unique dynamics and contributes to meaningful and lasting change.

At a time of greater remote working, we now offer online training for all of the courses listed below, in addition to face-to-face training. The courses will be designed in consultation with you and can vary from a 90-minute workshop to a longer session to suit.


Excellence in Diversity and Inclusion

This workshop explores core equality concepts, bullying and harassment, organisational values and behaviours, equality impact assessments and the Equality Act. It outlines the relationship between equality, diversity and inclusion, and considers their business benefits.




Research shows us that unconscious or implicit associations affect the decisions that we make and how we communicate with people every day. This course will examine how our unconscious preferences impact on the way we operate in the working environment; stereotype threat, internalised bias and privilege. It will deal with how to reduce the effects of unconscious bias.





Exploring what is sexual harassment, how to identify it, and how to avoid and respond to sexual harassment incidents. The workshop will give participants the skills and confidence to challenge sexual harassment in the workplace.




The course will review the appropriateness of language, 'banter', and effective feedback and challenge. This session aims to foster a deeper understanding of the complexities surrounding workplace banter, offering practical tools for organisations to strike a balance that aligns with their culture while upholding respect and inclusivity.




Research has shown that inclusive leadership leads to better performance, greater retention and satisfaction levels amongst staff. This course will equip managers with the appropriate skills and knowledge to create a productive working environment focusing on culture, relationships and decision making. 

Cultural Competence

Explores the ways in which cultural difference can create barriers to effective communication and identify working practices which facilitate greater understanding of different cultures and how to demonstrate cultural sensitivity.



This workshop will assist you in developing appropriate data monitoring systems and procedures. We will explore this from both a workforce and customer service aspect. We will equip you with the confidence to maximise collection rates. We will provide expertise, advice and best practice approaches to equality data collection, analysis and reporting.



We will examine established best practice in talent management practices, addressing barriers, and devising progressive, inclusive strategies. Discover proven strategies and innovative approaches for inclusive career advancement.

Accessibility and Reasonable Adjustments

Examine the ‘social model’ of disability and enable organisations to break down barriers in their day to day work. It will provide clarification around ‘reasonable’ adjustments and emerging case law.

Diversity in Recruitment

This workshop is designed to enhance the confidence and capabilities of the resourcing team and individuals involved in recruitment and selection processes. The goal is to instil practices that embed diversity in recruitment, equipping attendees with methods in sourcing, attraction, selection, and engagement to foster the hiring of diverse talent.  

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