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London Overground: Honouring LGBTQ+ history

London Mayor Sadiq Khan expressed his hopes that renaming one of the London Overground lines to "Mildmay" would raise awareness about the HIV/AIDS epidemic. This decision, announced on February 15, marks the first time each of the city's six Overground lines will have a new name and color, aiming to celebrate the capital's diverse culture and history.

The choice of "Mildmay" pays tribute to the Shoreditch-based hospital's significant role in aiding patients during the early stages of the HIV/AIDS crisis in the 1980s, notably receiving visits from Princess Diana which helped combat societal stigma. Khan, speaking to 'Gay Times', emphasised the importance of educating people about this history and recognising the contributions of those who worked at Mildmay during that challenging period.

The names of the six lines were selected following consultations with various stakeholders and communities. In addition to Mildmay, other lines such as Lioness, Windrush, Weaver, Suffragette, and Liberty were chosen to honour significant historical and cultural milestones.

This announcement follows Khan's recent call for increased government funding to address HIV prevention and support initiatives, highlighting the ongoing challenges and the need for continued efforts in combating stigma and prejudice against the LGBTQ+ community.

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